Amana® Brand Air Conditioners

Our Air Conditioning units employ the most advanced inverter technology on the market. This allows the unit’s compressor to operate at exactly the speed necessary to achieve the temperature you set. Not only does this save electricity, but it leads to more consistent cooling all over your home.

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High-Efficiency Cooling For Your Home

The best time to shop for Air Conditioning is before you need it. Comfort isn’t something that happens, it’s something you plan and prepare for. Being comfortable means having the best equipment that runs efficiently in your home and it also means being comfortable with your budget.

Steps to take when buying an Air Conditioner

We recommend buying the highest efficiency air conditioning unit that you can afford. Amana® brand has a broad range of air conditioners that are consumer top-rated and ENERGY STAR®-rated.

  • Make sure the AC is properly sized. Under- and over-sizing are problems that cost time and money.
  • Consider a programmable thermostat to help manage energy bills.
  • Consider Indoor Air Quality. If someone in your home has asthma or allergies talk to you contractor about filtration.
  • Make plans to properly maintain your AC. Plan for regular air filter changes and schedule a yearly maintenance and safety check-up.

Why choose an Amana® Preferred Contractor? The Amana® brand contractors are chosen for their level of experience, knowledge, and integrity. An Amana® Preferred Contractor represents some of the best contractors you’ll find. Also known as The A-Team, these contractors service the entire Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.