4 Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling And How To Fix It

Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling And How To Fix It

Sweating through a sleepless night when your AC is not working is the least of the things you want in summer. There are many reasons for your AC not being able to cool your home, some technical and non-technical. Amana Heating and Air Conditioning are here to guide you through. 

Here Are The Top 4 reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling and How To Fix It:

  •  The air filter is clogged

If the AC does not cool, you can suspect that the air filter is clogged. There is difficulty in airflow, which greatly reduces the air conditioner’s cooling capacity. Remember to clean the air filter at regular intervals or replace it.

  • Cleaning an air filter

Remove the filter and ensure no debris falls into the airbox. Apply cleaning solution and let it soak. Rinse the filter from both sides using a faucet or garden hose, starting from the interior towards the exterior, to prevent further dust from entering the fabric’s fibers. 

Avoid stretching the filter as they can tear very easily. Set it down to air dry. Apply oil spray evenly along with the crown of each please, squeeze out the excess, and return the filter to its place.

  • Insufficient coolant

The refrigerant flows through the evaporator coils and regulates the room’s cooling. Failing which, the system does not cool the room.

Remember to call an HVAC technician for a refill. Recharging coolant is not an easy task. Often, it becomes difficult to decide which coolant to buy. People who handle coolant for air conditioning systems should be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Contact us if you are looking to hire AC contractors in Minneapolis.

  • Compressor is faulty

The compressor is an important component of an AC unit and is responsible for cooling your indoors. If the AC does not cool, usually the fault with the compressor is suspected first. It helps in circulating the refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser coils. If a defective compressor is found, the cooling cycle doesn’t start, and the AC fails to cool.

How To Fix Your AC

Check the circuit breaker box and ensure that the switch is correct. Try to find the fuse box of the AC unit. Remove the refrigerant before removing the compressor. Then remove the receiver, the expansion valve, and the orifice tube. Remove all the foreign materials from the AC system. Install the new compressor with the receiver drier and the orifice tube. 

However, we do not recommend DIY fixes. Going through the internal parts of an SC unit can be tricky and can be best attended by an experienced technician. Contact us if you’re searching online for ‘AC tune-up near me‘.

If you have queries while searching for AC companies near me, Amana Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC dealer can help you choose the right cooling unit for your home and family. Amana Heating and Air Conditioning have a complete line of residential, energy-efficient air conditioning and heating products, all designed and assembled in the USA. Get a free consultation today!

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