7 Factors That Impact The Cost of A New Furnace

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A new furnace installation is expensive. After all, you require a dependable and secure method of heating your home. Since buying a new furnace is a significant investment in your house, you want to be sure you get the best equipment at the best price. Here are 7 factors that can help you make informed decisions and get the best deal possible.

Seven Factors That Impact The Cost of a New Furnace

  • Type Of The Furnace

The type of fuel used in your furnace has a significant impact on its cost. There are three types of furnaces: natural gas, electricity, and oil. All will heat your home, but they work differently and have various price tags. Electric furnaces are often the least priced initially, but they can have the highest monthly energy expenditures. 

Oil furnaces are the most expensive, but because they are less widespread today, supplying them with energy may be more difficult. Gas furnaces are the most popular since they are highly inexpensive and have the lowest energy expenses.

  • Furnace Efficiency

The heating efficiency of your furnace will also influence the cost of a new furnace. Higher heating efficiency furnaces are often more expensive and may necessitate additional installation charges. While they may cost more initially, energy-efficient furnaces can assist you in saving money on electricity bills over time.

  • Size Of The Furnace

The size of your heating system should be equivalent to the size of your home. In winter, only a correctly sized furnace can keep your home warm. If you purchase a model that is too small, it will overwork itself to heat the space, increasing your power cost and potentially requiring premature maintenance. 

If you purchase a furnace that is too large for your home, it will frequently cycle on and off, resulting in increased utility bills and poor performance.

  • Advance Features

Each furnace model will have features that improve your comfort and convenience, such as air filters, heat exchangers, blower motors, variable speed blowers, and venting systems. The cost of your furnace will vary depending on the quality, warranty, and technical specifications.

  • Installation Cost

The cost of the furnace is mostly determined by the installation company you select. It is essential to emphasize the necessity of having your heater installed correctly and by the best hands possible. That saves you money on regular repairs. 

Depending on their efficiency, different installation companies have varied quotes. Make sure you get the best so you can enjoy the comfort of your heating system all winter. 

  • Brands Of The Furnace

Some brands are more trustworthy than others. It is always preferable to purchase a furnace from a reputed brand rather than a cheaper one. Reputable brands may be more expensive, but they provide more reliable furnaces. 

  • Home Modifications

Most furnaces are wired to a house’s gas line, electrical, and ventilation system. If one of these systems fails, it might lead to a slew of issues with your furnace in the future. You may need to remove prior ducting, replace it, and possibly fix the drywall, which will result in significantly higher costs


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