Five Things You Should Avoid To Keep Your Air Conditioner Safe

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The AC must run at its maximum capacity to maintain an acceptable indoor temperature while the outside temperature is uncomfortably high and the relative humidity is rising. 

Although many people have their Amana AC units serviced at the beginning and end of the season, here are some things to guarantee that our ACs remain in good operating order and provide optimum performance.

Things to Avoid to Keep the Air Conditioner Safe.

You Do Not Have a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can help you save hundreds of dollars annually on your air conditioning bill by automatically altering the temperature at work or away. Recent smart thermostats you may manage via telephone make programming even more straightforward.

Leaving in Place a Clogged Filter

A dirty filter causes the most common air conditioner problems. Some homeowners pay no attention to their filters and continue using the same ones for several months, while others forget to replace them at the required intervals. Depending on your filter type, you should consider replacing your air filters every thirty to ninety days. 

There is no hope that they will continue to perform correctly throughout the season if they are not replaced. If you find issues with your air filter, look for an AC contractor near me who will assist you in resolving these concerns.

Continuous Air Conditioning System Operation

Always remember that if you overdo something, it will not be able to provide you with the most significant benefits. Everyone must comply with this rule, whether a person or a computerized system. If you operate the air conditioner for an extended period, you must maintain it properly. 

The extended use of the air conditioner contributes to excessive energy consumption, which in turn causes the electricity bills to skyrocket. Moreover, if your air conditioner has a lesser star rating, it is conceivable that it will be rather expensive.

Ignoring the upkeep of coils

The accumulation of dust and debris blocks the airflow, and the air conditioner is forced to work harder. Consequently, the efficacy of the cooling is diminished. Ensure that the Amana AC unit technician who maintains your air conditioner cleans these coils as part of their service. 

Several brand air conditioners on the market feature built-in functions that enable automatic coil cleaning. This proprietary technology guarantees that the air conditioner will continuously operate at its peak performance and will last substantially longer.

Unhygienic Exterior Installation

Frequently, the outside condenser unit becomes clogged with dust particles, which hinders the system’s airflow. Always ensure that the outdoor unit is kept in a shady location to avoid dust settling there. If the outside unit is left uncovered throughout the winter, it will result in inadequate ventilation, which is the primary cause of many air conditioner problems.


Finding a good HVAC service is important for your air conditioner’s efficiency. Contact iHeart Amana if you are looking for AC contractors near me. Use the Find Local Dealer tool to search for AC service contractors. Check out the website to know more.

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