How Do You Find The Age Of An Air Conditioner?

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Some customers believe it takes an eternity for their air conditioner to cool their home on hot days. The age of your air conditioner is a crucial factor in determining its efficiency and performance. For instance, a customer may notice that their unit is ageing when it begins to make unusual noises or becomes less efficient. 

It is therefore important to know how old your AC is. Amana AC unit services can help you find this out.

Ways To Determine The Age of An Air Conditioner

The average AC unit will last only between ten to twenty years.

Condenser Nameplate

Every air conditioning unit has a nameplate mounted on the massive metal condenser box outside your home. Check the upper-right corner of the unit’s nameplate for the production date. If the date of production is not visible on the condenser, you may always ascertain the age of the unit by locating the brand, model, and serial number on the plate.

Product Label

Even if there is no manufacturer date, you can still determine the age of the system. Take a photograph of the product’s label, then record the model and serial numbers. These may not appear relevant to you, but they include information on the manufacturing date. 

You do not need to interpret the data; go online and enter the numbers along with the brand name of the air conditioner to obtain the date of production. 

You can also search on the web about an AC contractor near me, and they will gladly use the resources at their disposal to determine the age of your air conditioner.

Installation Date

Typically, your unit’s manufacture date and installation date will coincide. Confirming the age of a product can help customers decide whether to repair or replace it. Uncertain about whether to repair or replace your unit? Request an inspection from the Alps. 

Our trained technicians can tell you when the team was installed, how long it has been in operation, and when it should be replaced. In addition, we offer a maintenance plan designed to extend the unit’s life.

Tips To Ensure That Your Air Conditioner Lasts Longer

  • Do not work your air conditioner harder than necessary. Keep fans running in your home to circulate the air and keep the blinds closed to prevent the sun from heating your home. 
  • Do not partition rooms. Always leave doors slightly ajar to circulate air throughout your home.
  • Maintain your unit by periodically having an expert perform maintenance. Maintaining this is similar to brushing your teeth in that it is always a good idea, both now and in the future.
  • Keep the condenser and compressor clear at all times. If your air conditioner is located outside, ensure that the condenser and compressor are clear of any obstructions. The unit performs optimally when there are approximately 24 inches of clear space in all directions. For this reason alone, removing nearby shrubs, tall grass, obstructive branches, and any other debris that may impede your unit’s performance is best.


Knowing your age is crucial information if your air conditioning unit is no longer performing optimally. Now is the ideal time to confirm your Amana AC unit‘s age and prepare for potential problems.

Reach Amana AC Repair service in Minneapolis, MN now to know the exact age of your air conditioner.

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