How Long Should An Amana Brand AC Unit Last?


Amana Brand has been manufacturing air conditioning units since the 1950s and has remained a prevalent air conditioner brand over the past few years. However, how long does an Amana Brand air conditioner last? HVAC systems have a life expectancy of 15-20 years, which includes the Amana Brand 16 seer air conditioner and other models and brands of air conditioners. Even if some brands provide a lifetime warranty on compressors, some components will eventually fail and require replacement.

How Long Can an Amana Brand Air Conditioner Run?

An Amana Brand air conditioner has an average life expectancy of 15-30 years. Furthermore, some air conditioners can last up to 40 years in extreme cases, but even with proper maintenance, this is extremely rare. 

Moreover, you can expect your device to last nearly three decades with premium products and services. Assuming your unit is not faulty and has not been damaged by external factors while in use. Proper installation of your furnace also aids in its maintenance. Therefore you must hire a qualified professional to install it on your property. 

Also, proper installation ensures that your device gets an extended life span and accurately fulfils its purpose. The average cost of installing an Amana Brand air conditioner ranges from $3,854 to $6,345, with prices varying accordingly to the size of your device.

How Long Does Amana's Brand Warranty Last?

Without having your Amana Brand air conditioning system recorded, you can anticipate a five-year warranty right out of the box. However, if you sign up for your unit with Amana Brand, you will receive a total of ten years of manufacturer’s warranty. An extended warranty means that if your unit misfires or breaks down (without your fault), you can get free service from the company. 

You Can Count on Amana Brand Air Conditioners

Amana Brand has been in business since 1934 and is one of the earliest HVAC companies still going strong in the HVAC industry today. With half a decade of experience, it established a reputable reputation in the HVAC market. 

They remain one of the industry’s standards for HVACs. The average lifespan of Amana Brand air conditioner units will continue to be determined by how you maintain them. Irresponsible use of the air conditioner will result in the device not reaching its maximum lifespan. 

In addition, it is also beneficial to thoroughly read and comprehend the user’s manual. A plus point with Amana Brand air conditioners is that Amana Brand always manufactures high-quality air conditioner units that undoubtedly last a long time.


You can also remain confident that the technicians working on your unit are familiar with the device and will not cause further damage.

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