How to Troubleshoot & Reset Your Amana PTAC Unit

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Amana, one of the largest manufacturers of PTACs (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners), is well-known for producing some of the most dependable PTAC units in the market. However, just like any other device, these units can malfunction. Also, based on what’s wrong with an Amana PTAC unit, the most reasonable solution is to reset the system. 

Continue reading to learn how to troubleshoot and reset an Amana PTAC device.

Troubleshooting Tips For Your Amana PTAC Unit

Given the latest visionary innovations, you can debug your Amana PTAC unit without any techniques or technical knowledge. These air conditioning devices include a self-diagnosis function that you can use to troubleshoot your appliance.

When you put your PTAC unit into the diagnostic configuration, it scans for mistakes and displays a specific code. Using the error code as a guide, you can determine whether a manual reset will get your PTAC unit back up and running. 

  • Look for the down and up arrow knobs on the unit.
  • Hold down both controllers at the same time.
  • Double-tap the cool control on your PTAC device while clutching both buttons.
  • Wait for the display bar to change for a few seconds.

After following these instructions accurately, your air conditioning system will get in self-diagnostic mode. Look for a red dot waving in the corner of the screen to confirm. The room temperature usually gets displayed on the PTAC’s display screen. 

Dashes (- -) will replace these numbers while in diagnosing mode. A green light may also be visible in the bottom left corner of your device’s touchpad. Allow a few minutes for the device to run a diagnostic test. Once the test is over, the dashes will get replaced by an error code.

Error Codes in Your Amana PTAC Unit and How to Fix Them

After using the self-diagnostic function to debug your Amana air conditioner, the device will exhibit an error code. These codes remain divided into four categories:

  • System Modes

System modes indicate problems with your Amana PTAC unit’s strategic framework. Typically, you can resolve them by adjusting some settings or moving the PTAC unit.

  • ON 

The technical error ON indicates that the unit operates with a wired thermostat rather than a wireless system. To resolve this error, change the network configuration to the proper mode. 

  • FP 

FP indicates that your Amana PTAC unit is now in Freeze Defense mode. When the temperature in the surroundings falls below 40°F, the Freeze Protection kicks in. It prevents components from freezing and causing damage. To disable Freeze Protection, move the unit to a location where the temperature is above 43°F.

  • oP / nP 

These error codes appear when your Amana air conditioning system senses an open window or door. So to avoid energy waste, the system will shut down. Your Amana PTAC device does not need to get reset. To fix this issue, shut any open windows or doors.

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