Is a Higher SEER Rating Better for Your HVAC System?

Higher SEER Rating

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new heating and air conditioning system, you may have come across the term SEER rating. SEER measures how efficiently your air conditioner or heat pump operates. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient your system will be, saving you money on utility bills. But is a higher SEER rating always better for your HVAC system? In this blog post, the experts at i heart Amana will explain how SEER ratings work and the benefits of choosing a higher-rated system for your home.

What is SEER Rating?

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), a measure of how efficiently your air conditioning system operates. The SEER rating is determined by dividing the cooling output of your system by the energy it consumes over the course of a typical cooling season. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficiently your system operates and the less energy it consumes.

SEER ratings range from 13 to 25, with higher numbers indicating better efficiency. In general, newer systems tend to have higher SEER ratings than older ones, as manufacturers constantly improve the technology to make systems more efficient. Amana has worked with Energy Star to develop an efficient line of Amana heating and air conditioners with a SEER rating of up to 22.

Why is a Higher SEER Rating Better?

There are several benefits to choosing a system with a higher SEER rating:

  • Lower Energy Bills: The most obvious benefit of a higher SEER rating is lower energy bills. Since your system uses less energy to cool your home, you’ll see a reduction in your monthly utility bills. This can add to significant savings, especially in hot climates where air conditioning is used frequently.
  • Improved Comfort: A higher SEER rating also means improved comfort for you and your family. Since a more efficient system can cool your home more effectively, you’ll experience more consistent temperatures and fewer hot spots. Additionally, Amana air conditioners are a higher-rated system that can remove more humidity, making your home feel cooler and more comfortable.
  • Better for the Environment: Reducing energy consumption is good for the environment, and choosing a higher SEER-rated system is one way to do your part. By using less energy to cool your home, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and helping to combat climate change. Plus, some of the companies in our network also offer rebates or incentives for upgrading to a more efficient system, which can help offset the installation cost.

We Are Here With The Efficient Solutions

Amana offers several HVAC models with SEER ratings ranging from 13 to 24.5. Plus, many of these systems come with advanced features such as two-stage compressors and variable speed fans, which help improve system efficiency even further. If you’re ready to upgrade your HVAC system to one with a higher SEER rating,  i Heart Amana has the perfect solution.

Finding a local dealer is easy if you want to upgrade to an Amana heating and air  with a higher SEER rating. Simply visit our website and use the Find a Dealertool to locate a dealer near you. Our dealers are knowledgeable and experienced in installing and servicing Amana products, and they can help you choose the best HVAC system for your home.

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