Amana Furnace Installation and Replacement in Altoona, WI

Purchasing a new furnace is a big decision. The most important factor is usually cost, but there are other factors to consider as well. Here are some things to think about when deciding if you want to move forward with upgrading your current system with a new furnace installation:


Furnaces typically last at least 15 years but can be used for as long as 20 years—with proper maintenance—before it’s time for a furnace replacement. Unfortunately, there’s no way to determine the expiration date of a particular piece of equipment in advance. All you can do is be careful as the furnace approaches the end of its existence.

While age isn’t the only indicator, it’s certainly a factor.  If your furnace is on the older side, you’ll want to be more diligent about maintenance and have it checked by a professional at least once a year.

A Rise in Energy Bills 

Because the furnace is one of the most energy-consuming components in today’s houses, its efficiency has a significant influence on your budget. So, as winter approaches, be sure to check up on your monthly energy bills. If you’re spending more than you did last year—and rates haven’t gone up—the reason may be that your furnace isn’t running as efficiently as it used to.

Not Enough Heat 

If the heat is on, but you’re still feeling chilly indoors, that’s a strong indicator that you need an expert in repairs and heating replacement. It’s possible that it feels colder as a result of newly discovered air leaks or a faulty or broken thermostat. So, don’t just turn the thermostat temperature up to try to compensate. Doing so will only waste energy and money.

Excessive Dust  

Despite your best efforts to keep dust at bay, you will never be able to completely eliminate it. However, if you notice an excessive build-up of dust, it may be because your heating system isn’t functioning properly and is allowing airborne particles into the warmed air. Make sure to check the filter first and replace it if necessary. Changing your filter every few months is pretty standard. If your air filter is clean, you’ll need to call an expert to inspect the system as it may be a bigger issue requiring a furnace replacement.

Odd Smells or Sounds 

Take a look at your furnace and listen for any odd noises. Examine the vents for cracks and corrosion, paying particular attention to any unusual noises you hear. While squealing and shrieking are indicators that the blower needs to be adjusted, other types of sounds—such as grinding or banging—indicate the need for either repair or complete replacement.

Also, notice how it smells. During the first use of the season, you might detect a musty smell when you turn on the machine, but if the odor persists for more than a few days, book an appointment with your local HVAC company right away. Remember, you can find the best HVAC companies near you in Altoona, WI, and surrounding areas by using iHeart Amana’s Brand “Find Local Dealer” tool on their website.

Improper Cycling 

A furnace cycles on and off while it is in operation. When the home’s temperature falls below the thermostat setting, the furnace turns on to raise it back up. When the thermostat reaches the intended temperature, the furnace switches off, and the process resumes from there. If you’re suspicious that your furnace is failing, keep an eye on how frequently it is cycling.  If it’s on more often than usual, that may indicate that it can’t properly heat your home and needs to be looked at by a professional.

If you’ve encountered these issues with your system in Altoona, WI, and surrounding areas, it’s time to consider heating replacement services. Call your local HVAC company today for heating installation and replacement! You can use iHeart Amana’s “Find Local Dealer” tool to get the contact information for the right dealer near you.

Benefits Of A New Furnace 

Still looking for a reason to upgrade your furnace?  Here are a few benefits of having a new heating unit installed:

  • Over time, old furnaces become less efficient in their operation. This makes it more difficult for your furnace to keep up with the demands of your home’s heating system. As a result, the energy usage of furnaces rises over time, particularly when they are approaching the replacement time.

  • A heating replacement system will improve the ventilation system’s ability to distribute air throughout your home.

  • Some newer versions may include an improved environmentally friendly mode. Even if your furnace is in good working order, it may not be as energy efficient as you would want. Newer models have been created with environmental concerns in mind, which saves you money on your energy bills and may help you to reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

  • With a new furnace installation, you will have to worry less about repair costs. Not only is the unit under warranty, but the overall build quality will likely be better, meaning that you’ll have fewer issues down the road.

  • After you upgrade, you may notice an improvement in the amount of noise produced by your old furnace when it is operating.

If you need a furnace installation in Altoona, WI, and surrounding areas, contact your local HVAC company, found via iHeart Amana’s “Find Local Dealer” resource. It’s simple to see which contractors are in your area, discover a little about them and check their hours of operation.

All the companies listed on iHeart Amana’s website have the experience to provide whatever service you need: heating installation, repairs, maintenance, and replacement. Contact your local dealer today!