Amana Furnace Repair Services in Altoona, WI

Over time, a broken or inefficient heating system will not only cost you more money but also cause significant headaches as the system continues to deteriorate. If you notice any of the following indications, contact your local HVAC company in Altoona, WI, and surrounding areas for heater repairs today!

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An outdated heater may be unable to heat your house adequately, so if you have an older system, you may want to consider a replacement. Additionally, if you have a high energy bill and a broken heat exchanger, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

Replacing a furnace is a costly operation. Because old furnaces lose efficiency over time, there is only so much your local HVAC expert in Altoona, WI, and surrounding areas can do to make them function more efficiently. A rule of thumb is that you should never repair something unless the furnace repair costs are less than one-third of the cost of a replacement. If your old furnace is on its last legs, you’re probably better off replacing it.

An Increase in Monthly Bills   

Internal components and dirty air filters are common offenders. This is why it’s essential to maintain the regular maintenance of your heating system. During a tune-up, a technician will clean your furnace’s internal components.

Inefficient Heating   

If your furnace isn’t old, it’s likely that it is inefficient and in need of repair or adjustment. These inefficiencies can be caused by dirty air filters, which can obstruct the flow of air in the furnace.

Thermostat issues might also cause your heating system to break down. If your thermostat is faulty, your heater might not heat uniformly, fail to reach the desired temperature, or turn off altogether. First, replace the batteries. If this doesn’t work, you’ll want to contact a local professional in Altoona, WI, and surrounding areas for furnace repairs.

Short Cycling   

When your furnace is turned on and off too frequently, it’s known as brief cycling. An overly large heater might cause short cycling. Because of the heat sensors, the system will turn off after giving a blast of warm air into your home. If you detect short cycling on a recently installed heating system, it’s likely a different reason. Either way, contact an HVAC professional for service right away.

Odd Noises   

When your furnace makes unusual noises — such as squealing, rattling, banging, and screeching — it’s time to schedule heater repairs in Altoona, WI, and surrounding areas. One of the reasons for an odd sound coming from your heating system might be a defect in one of the components, or the system’s components may have loosened or fractured.

Squealing noises are generally a sign that moving parts in the system require lubrication. These moving parts are lubricated by expert furnace technicians during a maintenance call to prevent this issue.

Odd Smells   

First, if you smell gas, turn off the furnace immediately as gas leaks are a safety hazard.

When you first turn on your furnace, there’s a chance that it will smell like something is burning—this is normal. Dust collects in your system while it isn’t in use, and the dust may burn when you turn your system on.

However, if the entire compartment is full of smoke and there is a burning plastic odor or a metallic scent, it might be an electrical issue. Wires could be overheating, which is dangerous. Turn off your heater until it can be replaced.

Additionally, if you notice a musty smell, it could be mold. Because mold is toxic to one’s health, you should contact your local HVAC company in Altoona, WI, and surrounding areas to investigate the source of the musty odor. They’ll be able to provide furnace repairs to your system.

Why You Should Keep Up With Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your furnace can prevent many of the issues listed above and minimize your need for heater repair services. By keeping your furnace clean and well-maintained, you can avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your heating system.

Additionally, regular tune-ups will make your furnace run more efficiently, saving you money on your energy bills. And, if you do ever need to repair or replace your furnace, you’ll be glad you kept up with the maintenance when it’s time for a new one.

If you’re not sure how to maintain your furnace or don’t have the time, consider hiring a professional HVAC company to do it for you. With iHeart Amana’s “Find Local Dealer” tool, you can locate the best HVAC company near you in Altoona, WI, and surrounding areas for heating service. They will have the knowledge and experience to keep your furnace running smoothly all winter long.