Amana AC Repair Service in St. Paul, MN

Sometimes we forget how precious our air conditioners are until the cool air stops blowing in the summer. Trying to figure out the problem with your air conditioner can be frustrating. Wear and tear will happen with anything you use regularly, and air conditioners are no exception. 

Common problems require AC repairs, and understanding them can help you identify them. Some of these problems can be prevented with maintenance and tune-ups. At the same time, other issues will need AC repair service in St Paul. 

Common AC Repair Problems

Dirty Filters

Having proper airflow is essential to AC. It can keep the air free from dust and pollutants. When a clogged air filter happens, it decreases the efficiency of an air conditioning system. The good news is that you can generally change or clean the filter yourself. Check your air filters every one to three months, and if they’re dirty, change or clean them, depending on which type of filter you have. A smart AC controller will also alert you of dirty filters. If your vents are placed up high or you’re not comfortable on a ladder, you’ll want to call a professional for maintenance. 

Sensor Problems

A thermostat sensor, located behind the control panels, measures the air temperature inside your home. Sometimes the sensors get disconnected or become loose. When this happens, the AC will run continuously or unpredictably.

Electric Control Failure

There is a lot of electric work in an AC unit; when problems arise, a professional should come out to assess the problem. Fraying, corrosion, and disconnection are common wiring issues in the AC. These problems left unsolved can result in breakdowns. Scheduling an AC repair in St. Paul is vital if this is a problem you experience.

Refrigerant Leaks

If you don’t know what to look for, you may think the problem is the AC needs some more refrigerant. However, low refrigerant could indicate a leak in the unit. A trained technician will need to come out when there is a leak so they can repair the leak, test it, and then add the right amount of refrigerant. There is a specific amount of refrigerant that each manufacturer requires, and a technician will be able to ensure the system has the correct amount. 

Damaged Compressor

This problem can be caused by the refrigerant. If there is too much refrigerant, it increases the pressure in the unit and leads to the compressor failing. On the other hand, the compressor will become hot and stop working without enough refrigerant. 

Frozen Evaporator Coil

When the AC does not cool the house quickly, it could be that the evaporator coil is frozen. This will happen because they don’t have enough air to operate normally due to the buildup of debris. Because the dirt on the coils stops airflow,  the coils can become too cold and freeze over.

Circuit Breaker

No matter what the cause of a circuit breaker issue is, a technician must be called. This is a dangerous job so don’t try and do it yourself; trying to reset the breaker can potentially lead to a fire in the house. If you are experiencing this issue in St. Paul, call a professional for AC repair service today. This problem can be caused by capacitor failure, dirty filters or coils, low refrigerant levels, and compressor failure. You’ll need to turn off the AC when you notice the circuit breaker issue. 

AC Fan Failure

The outside unit’s goal is to transfer heat from the inside of your home to the outside of your home. The compressor, fan, and coils work together to make this happen. If the fan stops working, your home will heat up quickly, and it puts extra strain on the compressor. The best thing you can do is to keep the area around your AC unit clear of debris and leaves. You should also trim any nearby plants so they don’t interfere with airflow. If the problem persists, call a professional for air conditioning repair in St Paul.

When a repair technician comes out to your home, there are several things they will go over. You can expect a technician to inspect the whole HVAC system for other unforeseen problems. This could cover air filters, coils, condensate pumps, thermostats, safety controls, and blower components, to name a few. 

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