5 Benefits Of Routine AC Maintenance | Annual Tune-Ups

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Your air conditioner has to work hard to beat the heat and humidity of summer. It needs to be looked at by a professional air conditioning service that can check each part to make sure your system is ready to run all summer. 

Even though it might be tempting to put off regular tune-ups, you’ll lose the following benefits if you don’t. Are you searching for an AC tune-up near me? If you want to be sure your heating system is ready for the cold of winter, now is the time to arrange maintenance.

Five Advantages of Getting Regular AC Tune-up

Here are five reasons why you should schedule an HVAC tune-up this fall.

  • Better performance

Dust, debris, and other particles can clog your HVAC system and reduce effectiveness if you don’t keep it clean. The air conditioner’s performance will increase after having been serviced. The efficiency of an AC is greatest when its performance is at its peak. You may save money on heating costs and keep your heating system in top shape with regular tune-ups.

  • Good air quality

The health and safety of the people in your home depend on how clean the air is inside. Clogged air filters prevent HVAC systems from effectively filtering the air and removing dangerous particles. One big reason to sign up for annual maintenance is that it makes the air flow cleaner. It will eliminate allergens, which are things in the air that can make people unwell.

  • Maintains warranty

You must frequently service your equipment to keep your warranty. If you ignore maintenance and the manufacturer discovers it, you may void your guarantee. Enrolling in an HVAC maintenance program can help you maintain your equipment’s warranty so you can use it in the future.

  • Safe

When producing heat, HVAC systems burn fuel, releasing negligible carbon monoxide. Excessive production of this poisonous gas might result from untreated dirt and other problems, posing a hazard to your household. Experts will inspect the condition of every component during a tune-up.

  • Repair on time

It will likely worsen if you have a problem with your AC and do nothing about it. Avoidable problems usually result in running costs and more costly repairs down the line. An AC tune-up aims to identify and fix any issues with your system before they become severe.

What is Included in An Annual Tune-up?

Here’s what to expect during an AC system regularly:

  • Checking the connections for condensate lines
  • Checking pressure switches
  • Using running amps to measure equipment
  • Measuring evaporator coil temperature drop
  • Measuring refrigerant levels
  • Getting the condenser coil clean and checked
  • Cleaning the drain for condensate
  • Putting oil on the fan motor
  • Putting electrical connections back together and checking them
  • Cleaning the inside of the unit
  • Noise and vibration testing

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