Heat Pumps

Amana® Brand Heat Pumps

A heat pump may be the best solution for your home heating and cooling needs. Heat pumps are gaining popularity in the Twin Cities because they can save you as much as 30% on heating costs when compared to a gas furnace AND provides year-round comfort. A new heat pump installed and maintained properly will operate more efficiently than your current system. Amana® brand Heat Pumps Provide Year Round Comfort.


Is a heat pump right for me?

We’ll help you with that. Choosing a heat pump for your home could be your best choice. A heat pump has the potential to provide you with exceptional comfort in every season, influence your indoor air quality, AND save you money. There are a number of considerations that we can help you with:

  1. Do you have hot or cold spots in your home?
  2. Does anyone in the house have allergies?
  3. Where do you spend most of the time in your home?
  4. Would you like to save money on your utility bill?
  5. How long do you plan on living in your home?

These are just some of the questions an Amana® brand Preferred Contractor will help you with. We’ll make sure to size your new heat pump properly. Sizing is extremely important. Our knowledgeable and trained heating contractors will make sure to match a heat pump to your needs. Consider that a unit that is too small will lack the ability to give you the comfort you desire. A unit that is too large will end up not only costing more money up front, but more money to operate. An oversized heat pump will kick out more heat and will most likely overshoot the thermostat by 2 degrees, making you too warm and costing you more money. Make sure you find the right heating contractor that will help you make the right choice.

Understanding Efficiencies

In brief, an efficiency rating tells you how much of the total energy used is delivered to the home as heat. The higher the efficiency, the better the heat pump functions. For example, a heat pump that is 80% efficient delivers 80% of the fuel consumed by the house as heat. The rest, 20% or 20 cents on the dollar, goes up the chimney flue. Your heating bill, therefore, depends on the cost of the fuel and the efficiency of the heat pump.

When referring to heat pumps, we measure performance by SEER for cooling efficiency when in cooling mode. For heating, the efficiency of heat pumps is measured using HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). We offer heat pumps from 13 to 18 seer and higher, plus 8.0 to 10.0 HSPF. Whether talking about SEER or HSPF, the higher the number the greater the more efficient the unit and the greater your savings.

Steps to take when buying a heat pump:

  • amana hp aszs6


    • S-series Heat Pump with Inverter Technology
    • Up to 17.5 SEER2
    • 8.5 HSPF2
    • Quiet-mode – provides enhanced acoustical comfort, up to 3 different sound levels (as low as 45dBA)
    • Compatible with the Amana® brand Smart thermostat
    • Intelligent defrost mode
    • Slim style, small footprint
    • Quiet-mode – enhanced acoustical comfort
    • Blue Fin corrosion coating – helps keep the coil clean
  • ASZ14


    Energy-Efficient Heat Pump
    • UP TO 15 SEER | 9.0 HSPF
    • Quiet Condenser Fan Motor
    • Efficient Cooling Capacity
  • ASZ16


    Energy-Efficient Heat Pump
    • Up to 16 SEER | Up to 9.5 HSPF
    • Quiet Condenser Fan Motor
    • Efficient Cooling Capacity
  • ASZC16


    High-Efficiency Heat Pump
    • Up to 16 SEER | Up to 9.7 HSPF
    • High-Efficiency Two-Stage Compressor
    • ComfortBridge™ technology compatible
  • ASZC18

    High-Efficiency Heat Pump
    • Up to 18.5 SEER | Up to 10 HSPF
    • High-Efficiency Two-Stage Compressor
    • ComfortBridge™technology compatible
  • AVZC20


    High-Efficiency Heat Pump with Inverter Technology
    • Up to 21 SEER | Up to 10 HSPF
    • ComfortBridge™ technology compatible
    • Variable Speed Compressor