Amana Brand Air Handler Repair Service in St. Paul MN

The air handler is often misunderstood and confused for other systems. Many people don’t know much about the air handler or its importance, and it is often mistaken for the AC or a furnace because of the apparent similarity. However, the function of an air handler is completely different then both systems.

In simple terms, the air handler works as an air channeling system for the home’s HVAC ductwork. Using three major components—the air filter, the blower motor, and the coils—it pulls in air from your home and then uses the blower to push the air through the ductwork and into the rooms of your home. When you need air handler repairs in St. Paul, it’s important to call a professional right away as a problem with your air handler could cause a problem with your entire HVAC system.

Not all homes have air handlers. Some use air handlers, while others require a furnace to perform the same function. To figure out what system you need, you must consider the temperatures of the area you live in. It would be best to get a furnace if you live in climates with intense winters and mild summers because it could withstand those harsh winters.

However, an air handler would be the best option if you live in an environment with mild winters and hot summers. An air handler with a heat pump will have both AC and moderate home heating. But if you’re uncertain, a professional can advise you best on what is needed for your specific home.

Now that you know what an air handler is and the functions of the system, you will be able to properly identify if an issue comes up. When a problem arises, it might not be the air conditioner but the air handler. There are common issues that are associated with the air handler.

Five Common Repairs Needed with Air Handlers

  1. Airflow: If you’re experiencing poor airflow or your home is not cooling correctly, you may need a repair. The primary purpose of air handlers is to get airflow throughout the house, so if an obstruction occurs, a technician will need to be called. A typical reason for the obstruction is dirty and clogged air filters. This can be prevented by changing or cleaning the air filters regularly, and if you have a pet, you should do it more often. A smart thermostat may have features that will warn you of dirty or clogged air filters. If you’re experiencing an airflow problem, you can seek an air handler repair service in St. Paul. 
  2. A Malfunctioning Switch: The limit switch on your air handler connects to your thermostat. When your thermostat reaches its desired temperature, it’s the limit switch that tells your system to stop producing cool or warm air. When a limit switch fails, your HVAC system will either run constantly, or stop working altogether. A professional can tell if this is the issue and repair or replace this switch. 
  3. Fan Blade Issues: The blades can get bent, broken, or loose during operation. When the blades are broken, they can have problems with the airflow, thus damaging other parts of the air handler. You’ll know this is the problem because you’ll hear a loud banging or rattling sound; it may be best to shut off your system until an HVAC professional comes to your home to repair it. 
  4. Electrical: As expected, an air handler has significant electrical wiring, which can become frayed or corroded. The blower motor and capacitors can all be affected by electrical problems. You should not try fixing this yourself because it can be dangerous. Contact a trained professional for air handler repair service in St. Paul instead.
  5. Condensation Leaks: This can be messy because of all the moving parts. In the summers, the air conditioner will work harder to keep your family cool inside; this causes extra condensation that is collected underneath the system in the drain pan. That drain pan has a line that connects the unit to the drainage system, but it can often get a blockage. Dust and dirt from indoor air can get into the pan, where it gets wet, entering the drain and clogging it. Another problem is algae and mold inside the drain line as well as bugs and pests. Sometimes, they will make a new home in your AC unit, also leading to a blockage. All these causes back up the system, resulting in an overflow or water damage. 

Knowing what air handlers are and their common repairs is helpful for the overall care of the HVAC unit. If you need an air handler repair in St. Paul, use the iHeart Amana Brand “Find Local Dealer” tool.