5 Things to Do Now to Avoid a Furnace Repair Later


Maintaining and monitoring your Amana furnace is important to keep it running well and preventing costly repairs in the future. Here are some tips that can help you avoid an expensive furnace repair;

#1 Replace The Air Filter

A dirty air filter can bring on numerous issues in your home. Your indoor air quality will decrease as the heater and fan will have to work harder to maintain heat. The lower airflow through the filter may also raise the expense of heating your home. 

When an HVAC filter becomes very unclean, the issue becomes more serious. The blocked hot air might cause the heat exchanger to overheat if it becomes so clogged that it is difficult for air to move through. This can result in a possible emergency furnace repair, or your Amana furnace can completely turn off until you change the air filter and restart it.

#2 Keep The Vents Clean

It’s important to keep your vents clean, like air filters. Cleaning them will enable them to run more efficiently and stop the stench of burning stuff. Here are some cleaning tips for your vents:

  • Completely turn off your HVAC system
  • The wall’s vents should be taken out
  • Remove any extraneous things, such as toys or food remnants
  • Clean up your ducts and vents
  • Put them back on the wall
  • Restart your HVAC system

#3 Examine The Intake and Exhaust Pipes

Your HVAC system’s intake and exhaust pipes control how much air enters and leaves your house. These pipes can become blocked by debris and accumulation like leaves, pine needles, or a lot of snow, which could lead to your HVAC system malfunctioning. Additionally, it may lead to a buildup of carbon monoxide in your house. Clear away any obstructions surrounding the pipes, and keep an eye on them throughout the season when it snows to keep your family safe and avoid a furnace failure.

#4 Keep The Supply Vents Open

You might have heard that you can cut costs by closing supply vents in rooms that aren’t utilized frequently. One can face a lot of drawbacks to doing this. Vent closures disrupt this balance and waste energy. Your ducts’ trapped air pushes outward, which can cause leaks. The furnace and fan will have to work harder since the cold air in the empty room will seep through uninsulated walls nearby.

#5 Call an HVAC Professional

Don’t disregard problems that might indicate the need for professional help. If you ignore warning signs that something is broken or not functioning properly, it can become a bigger, more expensive problem to address  as well as pose a safety risk.

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