A Round Up of Amana Brand HVAC Systems

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Amana Brand provides robust, feature-rich central air conditioners. Although they are practical and reasonably priced, you should know the high installation charges. The superior warranties offered by Amana Brand make the purchase worthwhile.

In the more than 60 years that Amana Brand HVAC has been producing central air conditioners, the company has advanced from carving out a niche in a brand-new market to being a skilled provider and producer of heating and cooling goods. 

List of Amana Brand HVAC Systems

Air conditioners from Amana Brand

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio ratings for Amana Brand air conditioners range from 13 to 24.5 SEER. The top three ACs have ComfortNet technology, which helps with better HVAC unit control. Amana Brand AC repair experts can determine if your home’s HVAC system needs to be replaced entirely. 

Consider installing a new Amana Brand gas furnace simultaneously to reduce total expenditures in the long run. The installation cost of an Amana Brand 3-ton AC unit installation is between $3,854 and $6,345. Your home’s required size will significantly impact the entire cost of your AC unit installation.

Amana Brand Heat Pumps

The SEER ratings of Amana Brand heat pumps range from 15 SEER to 18 SEER. ComfortNet technology is included with the top two heat pumps. 

According to Amana Brand AC repair in Minneapolis, MN experts, depending on the heat pump’s SEER rating, the average price range for a heat pump is $2,250 to $7,420.

Amana Brand Gas Furnaces

You will have to decide between a standard and high-efficiency Amana Brand furnace. All of the typical efficiency units have an AFUE of 80%. The AFUE of the high-efficiency units ranges from 92 to 98 percent.

A natural gas furnace with standard efficiency might cost between $2,325 and $3,500. Your new furnace’s brand and level of energy efficiency will affect how much it will cost to install it. 

Amana Brand Ductless AC

Ductless heat is not lost when air passes through the ducts, which is why Amana Brand HVAC units are renowned for their high levels of efficiency. Amana Brand offers split-ductless systems for both heating and cooling for single and multiple rooms. 

Warranty on Amana Brand Products

The warranty coverage on Amana Brand air conditioners is regarded as some of the best in the industry. Although it only applies to units with ratings of 16 SEER and higher, we provide a limited lifetime replacement warranty.

This extensive warranty ensures that the model’s first buyer will get a complete replacement in case of any issues. Additionally, a 10-year parts warranty covers all components and is one of the finest for central air conditioners. 

For models with SEER ratings less than 16, the compressor is only covered for ten years. Like other companies, you must register Amana Brand equipment within 60 days after purchase to receive the full five years of warranty coverage.


Amana Brand air conditioners are dependable, economical, and powerful. Higher SEER ratings on top models mean that they are more energy-efficient and will help you pay less in energy costs. You can remedy any concerns thanks to Amana’s Brand lifetime warranty coverage and first-rate customer service. Visit our website, iHeart Amana Brand, to find a local dealer for Amana’s Brand 3-ton AC unit.

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