SEER Rating: What Can Be a Good One?

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How would a buyer decide which air conditioner to purchase? Well, there is something more you should be checking other than just a five-star rating before placing the advance money. A standardized efficiency rating meter popular in European countries makes it easier for customers to conclude.

What is SEER?

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, better known as SEER in terms of rating, is the cooling output during a typical cooling season for the total energy consumption in the same period. The SEER rating is directly proportional to the efficiency level of the concerned unit. 

There are several reasons for you to check the SEER rating of your prospective air conditioner.

Increased efficiency

  • A high SEER-rated air cooling appliance outperforms a similar appliance in several ways. 
  • It is laced with variable-speed compressors that can run on lower power and consume even more energy with more advanced features. 
  • This is to benefit the consumer in terms of comfort and pocket-friendliness.

Energy savings

  • What is more satisfying than having a quality cooling with even chilled out electricity bills. 
  • Air conditioners with higher SEER might cost you competitively more than those with a lower SEER. 
  • But, the difference you will notice in the electric meter would itself be the signifying element.
  • If you have an air conditioner with low SEER ratings, they might be the reason to raise your electricity bills equivalent to the temperature outside. 
  • And if you do not want to sweat while looking at the electric meter, then higher SEER rating units must be your choice.

Improved moisture removal 

  • An effective air conditioner removes the moisture from the air for a comfortable environment. 
  • SEER riched air conditioners are proven better in this task because they have longer lower pressure cycles. 
  • Longer cooling cycles leave low chances of humidity-related issues.


  • The increased efficiency, lower energy consumption capacity of such air conditioners provide them with a long life span. 
  • This is because they are least likely to wear and tear shortly.

Better air quality

  • A high-rated SEER capacity air conditioner will undoubtedly be in another advanced level of technology from other similar appliances.
  • While you are spending more on the cooling device, you also deserve an upgraded level of breaths you will consume. 
  • It is the same source where you are less likely to develop headaches, colds, and similar complexities.
  • Also, if you have asthma at your place, you ought to have access to good-quality air cooling equipment. 

Reduced risk of dehydration 

  • A sweating body during summer is not only a source of frustration, but it is our water contents that go down every time we sweat. 
  • This makes us more vulnerable to dehydration and other problems during summer. 
  • Overheating your body can also lead to an increased risk of heatstroke. 

Reduced work stress

  • While working on a hectic program, you must not be willing to have another mental stress, for you already have deadlines to meet. 
  • The efficiency of your cooling machine also influences the efficiency of your work on a hot summer day. 
  • With an above-average performing air conditioner, you can also perform extraordinarily in your project.

Mold growth

  • With not-so-performing air cooling equipment, there are more chances of you developing mold in your damp room walls. 
  • Another benefit of a decent air conditioner is maintaining a dry environment to rule out the possibility of any such happening.

What should be deemed to be a good rating?

A SEER rating between 13 to 16 is considered average for residential usage. You can select your appropriate air conditioner as per your family’s individual needs. We have the best seller range of Amana 16 SEER air conditioners to fit your residential and office needs.

Considering a rating to be idle for every home is not possible. It would help if you concluded while keeping the concerned factors in your mind.

Budget constraints

  • Do not just focus on maximizing the SEER rating of the air conditioner. You should not be breaking your bank account to cool down your house. 
  • Proceed as much as your pocket allows you to. Investing a high amount for an efficient device will take away the benefits of its efficiency.


  • While SEER is a significant factor influencing the quality, there might be some grounds on which other factors outshine a certain product.
  • If you come across any such sought-after advantage of a product, you can keep the SEER rating on a lower standpoint. 


  • There are chances of high maintenance cost of a high SEER rated air conditioner. 
  • Companies often signify the cost inefficiency of a product by honoring the high ratings of the concerned commodity.
  • Remember, higher maintenance costs are periodic, and they may hurt your pockets more often than expected.


  • There might be cooling equipment with a higher SEER rating, and everything seems to be perfect. 
  • But that might not be the right size for the space you have or with the rate of electricity in your area. 
  • A product can be good in itself but still can turn out to be unfit for you.


  • While we had a deep discussion about SEER ratings, there is a possibility that you do not need to pay any consideration to whatsoever SEER rating the air conditioner owns. 
  • You can have your home in such a climate where any air conditioner with an average SEER rating can serve the purpose conveniently. 
  • Under such a circumstance, you need not care about the appliance’s statistics.

What consideration do you need to pay?

While SEER rating is a generally accepted measure of the performance of HVAC appliances, it may not necessarily be as consistent as it seems to be. Some appliances having a higher SEER rating may not outperform as per your expectations, for SEER ratings so recorded are the highest level of efficiency predicted from the equipment, and it might not perform at the same level every time. 

Amana Heating & Air Conditioning can help you take care of your SEER ratings. If you are looking for Amana 16 SEER air conditioners, visit our website or call your local HVAC dealer.

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