Should My Air Conditioner Run All the Time?

should my air conditioner run all the time

If your air conditioner is constantly running but isn’t keeping your house as cool as it should, and your monthly energy bills are skyrocketing, you have a serious problem on your hands. Before you begin to worry, begin to troubleshoot the common causes of your AC running all day. 

You can use a few quick troubleshooting tips to either fix the problem or find the source of your problem. We will show you exactly how many of the issues can be fixed and how to avoid them. 

There are several reasons why your AC system may appear to be running continuously. The truth is that this isn’t always a bad thing. Some of the reasons may indicate a problem with your system, while others may alert you to other problems in your home that you can address.

1. Improper size and installation can be harmful

In the summer, a properly sized, energy-efficient central air conditioning system will run fairly continuously to maintain a constant, desired temperature in your home.

  • Too Small a Unit

As per the Amana AC Repair Service Minneapolis, MN experts, if your central air conditioner is too small, it will have to work harder to cool your home. This will increase the wear and tear on your unit and shorten its life. Even if you run the system frequently, you will never achieve the desired level of cooling in your home. Furthermore, breakdowns are likely.

  • Too Large a System

If your system is too large, it will not remove moisture from the air effectively in your home, resulting in moist, clammy air. It will have shorter run times and use more electricity than necessary, resulting in higher utility bills.

2. Airflow may be Restricted

There are several reasons why your unit’s airflow is restricted or reduced. Your home’s air conditioner may constantly be running because something prevents it from supplying the cool air you require. There could be a problem with the blower or something blocking it. Here are some indicators that it is the case. 

The air coming out of your vents is cool, but the airflow is low.

  • The air filter is clogged.
  • Your home’s ducts may be closed or blocked.
  • Your home’s ductwork is damaged or inadequately sized.
  • Your unit’s evaporator coil could be frozen.
  • Your unit’s motor could be faulty.

3. The Air Conditioning Unit Requires Maintenance

As previously stated, air conditioning units require regular air filtration service in Minneapolis to function properly like other appliances in your home. Maintenance should ideally be performed twice a year, once in the spring before the warm weather arrives and once in the early fall after things have cooled down and are no longer in use. If your system, including your ducts, coils, and air filter, is not clean, you will experience airflow issues and inefficient cycling.

4. Your Unit is Old and Should be Replaced

Air conditioners have a useful life. Even if you have properly maintained your unit, it will eventually wear out. You may want to consider replacing your old, inefficient unit with a new one at this point. This will save you money in the long run because newer units use less energy than older ones.

Deal with issues before they become problems. The reasons mentioned above can cause your air conditioner to run more frequently than necessary, costing you more money. If you are concerned, your best bet is to contact a professional through I heart Amana and inform them that you have an AC system to be looked after.

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