How Air Ducts Impact Heating and Cooling Efficiency


Air ductwork is a critical component of your home’s central HVAC system, enabling the consistent distribution of heated and cooled air throughout the structure. Because ducts are hidden beneath floors and behind walls, homeowners may find it difficult to determine their condition and whether damage or dirt buildup is interfering with the overall operation of your heating and cooling system. 

Understanding the factors that influence duct performance will provide you with the knowledge you require to identify problems and schedule maintenance, repairs, or cleaning with your HVAC company.

How Do Air Ducts Work?

HVAC owners regularly use their HVAC unit, so it is important to know the basic idea of how an air duct works. Ductwork comprises a return vent, a supply vent, and air ducts, which are mostly concealed. When you turn on your thermostat and start heating or cooling, the return vent draws in indoor air, then transfers it to your unit via the air ducts. After being warmed or cooled, the indoor air is transferred through the supply air ducts and enters your home through the supply vent. 

Your air ducts transport air from the return vent to your HVAC unit and then to the supply vent. Overall, you can expect improved HVAC performance by investing in thorough duct cleaning from trained and experienced Amana HVAC distributors.

How Air Ducts Impact Heating and Cooling Efficiency

Most HVAC owners are unaware that excessive dirt and debris buildup in air ductwork can impair the performance quality of both air conditioning and heating systems. And since your ducts are hidden from sight, it’s not hard to guess that you will neglect them unless it causes you discomfort. 

  • Improving the performance of your HVAC unit

Most efficient central air conditioners and heating systems cool or heat the air and then blow it back into your home’s rooms through the most direct use—your air ducts. When those ducts become dirty, friction slows the flow of air. If your ductwork is dirty enough, you’ll pay more for heating and cooling than you need to. Worse, if your ductwork hasn’t been checked in a long time, it may have breaches or poor connections. You should hire a professional from one of the best HVAC companies Minneapolis, to assess the condition of your ductwork and determine whether it can help or is currently hindering your HVAC performance.

  • Improving the quality of indoor air

Many people schedule professional air duct cleaning to improve their indoor air quality. Since your HVAC system has an air filter, it is there to protect the HVAC system’s internal components, not your indoor air quality. You may also have additional indoor air quality equipment, which is great; however, this equipment is typically placed at the return duct, where air first enters the system, leaving the rest of your ductwork mostly unprotected.

  • Increasing energy efficiency while saving you money

Dirt accumulates everywhere when your air ducts, heating unit, and cooling unit haven’t been cleaned in a while: inside the ducts, on the filters, and on the heating and cooling units. A dirty system has to work harder to push air through ductwork where debris reduces airflow, and it may have to stay on longer and come back on more frequently. A clean HVAC system operates efficiently, which can reduce your energy bills. And using energy wisely contributes to a more environmentally friendly environment.

We have listed a few reasons how air ducts can improve your HVAC efficiency and, if not taken care of properly, might cost you an arm and a leg.

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