How do I hire a contractor?

How do I hire a contractor?

When it comes to your home heating and cooling, the most important decision you need to make is which heating and cooling company to hire. Get this right and everything else will fall into place.

Why choose an Amana® brand Preferred Contractor?

An Amana® brand Preferred HVAC Contractor is one that has been hand selected to represent the Amana® brand. Amana® brand heating and cooling equipment offers the best warranty in the business. The Amana® brand Preferred Contractors have been selected to back up the best warranty in the business.

There are seven Amana® brand Preferred Contractors.

Six of the contractors cover the entire Metro Area of Minneapolis and Saint Paul:

  • Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Aquarius Home Services
  • Blue Ox Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Bonfe
  • Northern One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Sedgwick Heating and Air Conditioning

One contractor covers and is based in White Bear Lake Minnesota and serves the east Metro area

  • White Bear Heating and Cooling

What’s at stake?

Your home heating and cooling system has a big job to do. It needs to keep you warm in the winter and cool and comfy in the summer. It’s responsible for the quality of air you breathe (Indoor Air Quality aka IAQ), it affects your budget more than any other appliance in the house (your home HVAC system represents more than 50% of your heating and cooling bill), and must be properly maintained to keep you and your family comfortable and safe. It plays a very important role in your home and knowing what’s at stake is essential to:

  • Your home comfort
  • Your budget
  • Your time
  • Peace of mind
  • Home safety

Benefits of hiring the right heating and cooling contractor:

A lot can go wrong in the hands of an inexperienced or improperly trained contractor. Common problems include: over-sizing equipment, under-sizing equipment, and improper installations which can lead to major problems down the road. Other issues can include price gouging, lack of proper training and/or certification which can lead to costly mistakes. Here is a brief list of the benefits of hiring an Amana® brand Preferred HVAC contractor:

  • They understand your problem: Whether you need to buy a new furnace, heat pump or AC unit or you’re looking to repair your heating and cooling system, calling on a professional is the best and most efficient way to solve your problem. Amana® brand Preferred Contractors are an experienced group of contractors that stay on top of their training and certifications. They have experience and knowledge on their side which will ensure you get the best solution to whatever problems you may be facing.
  • They’re trained and certified: Today’s HVAC systems are more sophisticated than ever before. It’s never a DIY situation and should never be entrusted to a non-professional. A qualified contractor will have both the tools and the training that make for proper installations, thorough maintenance tune-ups and accurate identification of problems which in turn leads to premium quality Improper repairs on your furnace can create major fire hazards, not to mention possible (sometimes deadly) carbon monoxide risks.
  • They understand necessary permits and licensing: Whoever works on your home heating and air conditioning needs to be up-to-date with local codes and permits required. Heating and cooling contractors need to carry specialized insurance, insurance that protects you in the rare cases where something goes wrong on the job that may cause damage to your property. This gives you peace of mind knowing you won’t have to haggle with your homeowner’s insurance provider.
  • They won’t drop the ball after the install: A quality contractor will not only ensure a proper installation, they’ll run your equipment through its paces before they leave. They’ll make sure you know how to operate your equipment and will make sure you are aware of any rebates and incentives that you may qualify for. They’ll also inform you about proper maintenance for your equipment and let you know what frequency you should use to replace air filters. You can expect to be well informed and well prepared to care for you equipment by the time they leave.
  • They can help save you money: One of the biggest mistakes made by many HVAC contractors is over-sizing. Bigger is not better and it can cost you more money and cause less comfort. A qualified contractor will make sure that you end up with the perfect heating and cooling system for your home, the first time around.
  • They can help save you time: There is value in getting it right the first time. A qualified heating and cooling expert will do a proper evaluation of your home and how you live in it. There are many things to consider when recommending an HVAC system.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that things are getting done safely and efficiently will give you peace of mind about your home’s year round comfort and safety.

Being able to find an HVAC contractor in the Twin Cities has never been easier. See why Twin Cities home owners keep coming back to Amana® brand Preferred Contractors, over and over again.

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