Efficient Heating System According to Your Home’s Need

Leave your worries at the door! We are here with the correct guide for buying an energy-efficient heater according to your home needs.

Features to look for in the heaters

It’s impossible to imagine spending the entire winter season without heaters. So before jumping in the pool, note down the points that one should look at in your heating system before purchasing it: 

  1. Surrounding climate 

The climate is not the same everywhere we go. Somewhere there are hail-storms, and somewhere the sun is shining! According to the cold around you, the heating system requirement changes. If the temperature goes to subzero, go with your furnace. If you face mild winters, go for a heat pump.  

  1. Energy source of the heating system 

The energy source is the element that drives the heater. There are natural gas, fuel oil, and propane-powered heating systems in the market. Geothermal and electric heat pumps and furnaces are available too. It is better to talk to the best Amana HVAC distributors and get their opinion on the purchase. 

  1. Heating systems capacity levels 

Take into consideration the insights from the HVAC distributor in Amana before buying the heating system in this matter. They are experts in this, but you should know the basics! 

A large heater for a small-space house would be energy and money-consuming. A little heater for a big-spaced room would be generating less heat. BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the measuring unit of the heating system’s capacity. The more the BTU rating, the higher the heating capacity!  

  1. Efficiency 

In these costlier times, don’t overlook this point. Heaters consume a significant amount of energy. An indecisive decision will lead to higher bills and expenses. AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) on the heating system reveals the efficiency secrets. The more the AFUE rating of the appliance, the better efficiency of the heating system! 

  1. Other expenses 

Most of the time, we only look at the overall price of the appliance. We tend not to look at the future prices of bills, and maintenance. There are installation charges and repairing costs that will add up annually to your monthly budget. However, we are clever buyers living in high-tech times. Take this point into consideration too. 

Types of heating systems in the market 

There are mainly three types of heating systems available everywhere, even at the Amana HVAC distributor stores. They are: 

  1.  Boilers 
  2.  Furnaces 
  3.  Heat pumps

Moreover, the distributor will let you know about the HVAC dealer locator in Amana. So, you don’t have trouble locating the best deals in the market.


Even though boilers are old-fashioned, they still work perfectly! The working technology is simple. The water in the boiler’s tank gets heated up. This heated water then travels the whole house through pipes and reaches the radiators. Radiators distribute the heat energy in the home. 

Boilers use different energy fuels, but it is better to go for propane or natural gas-powered ones. The latest technology boiler’s efficiency goes up to 90-95%. Moreover, they make less noise as compared to others. It is due to the fact that it doesn’t use duct vents. It leads to fewer chances of diseases in the homes caused by allergens. 

However, as incredible as they sound, they are a little expensive. The cost and the maintenance of the system could go a little up. You cannot add an air cleaner to the boiler. Its main job is to provide heat, and the design is not fancy, so think before buying! 


Most of the time, a furnace is a likeable choice when buying heating systems. A furnace works on the technology of heating air with the help of a heat exchanger. The blower forces the heated air into the pipes of the duct system. It then warms up the entire house. 

They work on different energy sources. Still, try to go for natural gas ones. They reach 80-98% energy efficiency. In summers, you can use it if you add an air conditioner to your home. You’ll save money on duct vents. Most importantly, they are cost-effective! 

However, they require ductwork. The entry of dust and allergens is possible, and they make noises. 

Heat pumps 

Heat pumps are all-in-one used at any time of the year. The technology aspect behind this appliance is clean. In the summer, they collect the air, cool it down. While in winter, it’s the exact opposite. There are two kinds of heat pumps – air-source and ground source. 

Geothermal heat pumps are ground source heat pumps. There are ductless heat pumps in the market that don’t require ductwork. They are energy efficient and go for an energy star certified mark to buy the best. 

They are costly, and the installation of these systems is not easy! 

The winters have arrived, and it’s still not too late to call the best HVAC companies in Minneapolis for heating services! Call us today to learn more.

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