Amana Central AC Unit Prices | 2022 Updated Buying Guide

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Amana Corporation was established in 1934 and is presently owned- by Goodman Manufacturing Company, which purchased it in 1997. The Amana brand is well-known for producing high-quality products and offering exceptional customer care to its clients. It is all about delivering products at a price that fits any budget. Therefore, an Amana AC unit is an excellent choice for clients searching for high-quality goods with high-efficiency ratings.

Amana AC pricing by unit

The prices for the Amana models get calculated using the most prevalent size AC and coil. Each unit is around a 2.5-tonne outdoor condenser and an inside evaporator coil. However, these prices do not include an air handler or furnace installed inside the home. 

These are simply air conditioning and cooling systems, and the SEER numbers you see are dependent on the unit getting paired to the proper evaporator coil and air handler.

Prices vary according to the unit size

The cooling zone is an approximation calculated on the basis size of the area that gets cooled. The only way to pick the AC size you need in your home is to have a design calculation performed by an Amana Competent Contractor who will assess your home’s heat transfer and size the unit to your needs. 

Amana is one of the HVAC manufacturers that voids warranties on systems purchased online. Be aware that if you buy an Amana air conditioning unit online, it will come with no guarantee unless it gets installed by a local professional who follows all local codes, laws, and licensing requirements.

Tax breaks, Special incentives, and rebates

It never hurts to look into all of the savings options available to you when buying a new central air conditioning system. Amana offers competitive financing and incentive offers on individual units, in addition to specific units eligible for both federal and state tax benefits. Some of the top tax benefits of getting an Amana AC heater wall unit are as follows:

  • Amana systems that meet specific criteria are eligible for state and federal tax incentives.
  • Amana offers a variety of financing options with affordable rent installments and no down payment necessary.
  • Amana is offering rebates on select units.

Advantages of installing an Amana Air Conditioner

Below are some advantages of installing an Amana AC unit. 

  • Better energy management

It’s all about fuel efficiency, and the condenser is the key to that, as well as indoor climate management, sound control, and the cost of the air conditioner. Also, Amana, like several top manufacturers, offers air conditioners with three compressor talent levels. 

Moreover, it is also known as an inverter-driven condenser, and it’s the product of Daikin’s acquisition of Amana. Daikin is at the forefront of energy-efficient compressor innovation. Also, for decades, it has used inverter-driven, adjustable speed compressors in its ductless, micro split ACs, and heating systems.

The compressor can operate at a capacity ranging from around 35% to 100%. In addition, the comfort speed technology enables the system to deliver the precise amount of cooling required to achieve the thermostat’s set temperature. As practically no energy gets lost, Amana’s most efficient method is so far. All Amana ASX air conditioners have blowers that operate at “full blast” anytime you turn them on. 

  • Enhanced comfort 

Another term for interior temperature control is comfort management. In the summer, hot, humid air is uncomfortably humid. It is much preferable to have cool, dry air. Some Amana air conditioning systems are better at managing comfort than others. 

What holds for efficiency also holds for climate control. Variable-capacity blower air conditioning systems provide better temperature balancing and remove more moisture than single-stage and two-stage systems.

It is due to the compressor running at the exact speed required to meet thermostat requirements. That’s the part about the temperature. As the AC phases of variable capacity compressors are longer than single-stage and two-stage systems, humidity management is improved. Longer cycles circulate the air more continuously through the system, resulting in more moisture condensing on the coil and draining away.

Temperature and humidity management are higher with a two-stage unit than with a single-stage machine but cannot compete with the climate administration of a variable capacity air conditioner like the Amana AVXC20.

ComfortBridge communicating software is offered on three models that conclude in the letter “c,” which stands for talking.

  • Controlling humidity

Because staged refrigeration operates at less than optimum capacity, it results in longer cycles. As a result, air travels more quickly over the cold inside the coil, allowing moisture to condensate.

Also, in warm, humid conditions, the two 2-stage Amana air conditioners provide a solid combination between economy and humidity management. Amana employs noise-canceling techniques similar to other brands, such as sound insulation within the condensing unit to reduce noise.

The outcomes are around average. Single-stage air conditioning units are noisier than two-stage and variable velocity machines operating at a lower stage/speed. Consider one of these versions if the sound is a crucial aspect of your purchasing decision.

Warranties from Amana

The guarantees for the top four Amana air conditioner models – AVXC20, ASXC18, ASXC16, and ASX16 – are the finest available. For the original purchaser, the Amana AC compressors get covered with a lifetime unit manufacturer warranty and, all other models come with a 10-year compressor guarantee that includes a 2-year unit replacement. 

If the compressor fails while under warranty, Amana will replace the entire condensing unit rather than just the compressor. Also, note that other Amana AC parts come with a 10-year warranty.

Who does the Amana installation?

Amana equipment can get installed by any qualified AC contractor near me. However, it is crucial to conduct thorough research before hiring an installer. We recommend going with a firm with a proven track record of providing high-quality installation and dependable customer service. Getting quotations from numerous installers in your region is one way to ensure you select a reputable contractor and look at each company’s web reviews. 

If you plan to install an Amana AC unit at your place, Heating and Air Conditioning Amana can help you obtain written estimates from licensed, pre-screened dealers in your region. For more details, visit. 

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