AC Installation and Replacement Minneapolis, MN

Paying for an AC installation by a professional is well worth the cost because it provides you with peace of mind that your system is in proper working order and that it will do what it’s supposed to do. When your air conditioning system is installed correctly, your system will operate more efficiently than if you had attempted the components yourself. Not to mention, you’re preventing damage that could be caused by improper installation.
It’s also essential to call in an expert for AC replacement when your air conditioning unit has reached the end of its lifespan. And since air conditioning units have improved in efficiency, you’ll actually be saving money in the long run. This is due to the reduced energy consumption of an efficient unit compared to older systems that use more power.

Here are some of the main benefits of hiring a local dealer—via iHeart Amana’s Brand dealer locator—for your AC installation and replacement in Minneapolis, MN, and surrounding areas:

  • They can ensure your system is sized correctly for your home or business
  • They provide reduced noise levels through modern insulation techniques
  • Properly trained technicians are less likely to make mistakes with wiring and safety equipment
  • The use of the latest tools, parts, and technology means increased efficiency when compared to older systems
  • They can provide expert diagnostic services in order to determine what is causing your system failure

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AC Installation Process

As each project is tailored to the requirements of each individual client, it’s difficult to explain the exact process. However, the following details an approximation of what you can expect throughout your project:

  • A certified technician will visit your house (or office) and assess the needs of your building in terms of size, use, etc. They’ll then discuss with you how much airflow (air conditioning) is required to achieve the optimum temperature and what level of indoor air quality (IAQ) is suitable for your building. They’ll also determine which areas need to be cooled or heated so that they can configure an appropriate set-up. These observations will assist the technician in determining the right size unit for you. If necessary, they may need to work with an engineer or specialist in order to ensure your project is completed on schedule and according to building code requirements.
  • The technician will establish a suitable location for the indoor unit(s) and install the necessary ducting (and vents) between your outdoor unit and indoor unit. After that, they install the outdoor unit, connecting it to your newly installed ducting. The indoor unit(s) is then wirelessly connected to a special thermostat that allows you to control the temperature of your AC system from inside your house via an app on your phone/tablet.
  • They test and certify the entire system to ensure it is ready for operation.
  • They provide you with an Operation and Maintenance Manual, which includes information such as recommended service intervals, troubleshooting tips, and other useful information.
  • The technician will then schedule a convenient time to perform a system start-up with you (if necessary). After that, they re-visit your house and run through the system with you to ensure you’re comfortable and familiar with your new system.

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AC Replacement Process

Here’s a typical sequence of events involved in AC replacement services:

  • When you first contact a contractor to schedule a visit for air conditioning replacement services, they will need some information from you, including specific AC model numbers and product lines, the square footage of your home, and a general idea of what you are looking to pay for this project. It’s important to remember that your contractors will not know the initial cost until they make an on-site visit, including measurements and checking all electrical connections (both conditioned air and high voltage) to provide you with an accurate quote.
  • Once the estimate has been settled upon, you will need to schedule the replacement day (usually the next 1-2 days after signing off on their proposal).
  • On the day of your project, be sure that everyone stays clear of any AC vents, registers, and all AC unit rooms. This will ensure that there are no injuries from flying debris as the old AC equipment is removed and replaced with a new one.
  • They’ll disconnect all wiring, remove any ductwork (including metal collars), and pull out the old unit. Once they’ve cleared enough room, the new AC equipment will be rolled in along with any extra ductwork (if necessary).
  • The only thing left to do is connect the new AC equipment to your wiring and ductwork, then clean up all debris that may be scattered around the area.

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