Air Handler Installation and Replacement Minneapolis, MN

The air handler is a central component of HVAC systems. It takes in the heated or cooled air from your furnace or AC unit and distributes it to the rest of your house. It also allows you to control the comfort level of every room independently, which enhances convenience and saves energy.

What are the Benefits of an Air Handler?

An air handler can help you get the most out of your home comfort system. A properly sized air handler helps maintain balanced, consistent temperatures throughout your entire home. In addition, it is designed to operate smoothly and quietly with its own dedicated fan.

Air handlers are also easier to clean since they’re much smaller than furnaces and central air systems.

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What Type of Air Handler is Best for You?

If you’ve decided on an air handler installation or replacement, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right air handler. The size and layout of your home should be considered first. If you have a big house that requires lots of cooling or heating, it would be better to get multiple smaller air handlers instead of one large unit.

An air handler should be installed in the central part of your home to provide even heating and cooling throughout your living space. If you’re building a new home or adding to an existing one, the layout of your house will play a role in determining where you’ll want to install it.

Central air handlers are ideal for cooling and heating homes with multiple floors or rooms. They’re available in gas-fired and electric models with varying energy-efficiency levels, so you can always find something that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Packaged terminal air conditioners, on the other hand, are a popular choice for homeowners with single-story homes. They’re easy to install on an exterior or interior wall and supply each room with cool air individually. For heating, consider a standard packaged unit that features either hot water or forced-air technology.

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How can you Prepare for an Air Handler Installation?

It’s critical to make sure your duct system is in good working order before scheduling an air handler installation. Dirty or damaged ducts can reduce airflow and provide incorrect temperature levels throughout your home.

In the fall, have a professional assess your cooling system for any signs of defects that could affect performance when it gets warm outside. The same goes for your heating system in the winter. If possible, get both systems attended to at once since they share many of the same parts and components.

What are the Signs that you Need an Air Handler Replacement?

If your air handler is more than ten years old, then there’s a good chance that it has seen better days. Old HVAC systems typically last between 15 and 20 years, depending on the type of unit and environmental conditions.

When an air handler reaches the end of its lifespan, it starts exhibiting signs such as reduced airflow, increased energy consumption, and frequent breakdowns. If you notice any of these problems with your air handler, it is time to replace it before the situation worsens.

What are the Benefits of Replacing your Old Air Handler?

An air handler replacement will bring a number of advantages if you have an old air handler in your home. First, the improved airflow will give you more consistent temperature control in every room. Second, there will be no problems when you turn up the thermostat to its maximum setting because an oversized unit won’t have to work so hard. Third, your heating and cooling bills will be significantly reduced.

An air handler replacement is one of the most cost-effective HVAC upgrades you can make to any home. Not only does it improve efficiency, but it also boosts indoor comfort levels by making temperatures more consistent throughout your entire house.

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