5 Things to Check Before Calling Your Furnace Technician

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With winters coming, the first preparation you must do is get your furnace inspected and repaired, if needed. However, you don’t have to worry about efficiency and performance with the Amana furnace. Our professionally designed top-rated furnaces will save your energy bills as well as performance issues. You can solve some setting issues on your own thus, here is a list of five things that you can check beforehand without calling a professional.

Check The Thermostat

The first thing to do is make sure that your thermostat is set to HEAT. And then move forward checking the set temperature; if the temperature is low, you can correct it manually to your desired range. The final step is to check if the thermostat is activating the furnace or not. You can do it by first decreasing the temperature and then increasing it to know if it turns on.

Check The Temperature 

Many times, the reason behind your furnace not heating your house is due to the wrong temperature set on the thermostat. So, check the temperature on the thermostat and set it higher than the current indoor temperature. This temperature difference will allow the heat to flow around the house quicker. 

Check The Power

Like most machines, your furnace needs electricity to operate. Go to the electrical panel in your home and check the power switch and ensure it is set to the “ON” position. Then, find the circuit breaker, make sure it is in working condition and set it to the “ON” position. 

Check the fuse and if it is broken, then replace it with the same size as the previous one. Even after doing this, nothing happens, then it means the problem is something else, and you need professional help.

Check The Filter

A clogged and dirty air filter can be the main culprit behind your ineffective heating. An extremely dirty air filter becomes too restrictive and does not allow fresh air to get into the furnace. And due to lack of airflow, your furnace may be shutting down frequently. 

So, if you find your air filter clogged and dirty, change it immediately. It is easy to determine the condition of the air filter, all you need to do is hold it up to the light, and if you can see through it, then it is fine, and if you cannot see through it, then replacement is the only option left.  

Check The Air Vents

Check the exhaust and air intake pipes of the furnace located outside your home. Check if there is any blockage caused by debris, leaves, or other items and if yes, remove it. Many times, in areas of a large snowfall, the exhaust pipes, and vents get clogged up with snow, causing the furnace to shut down unexpectedly. By removing the snow, your furnace might start up again.

If you have any queries about Amana heating and air, do not hesitate to contact us on our website and drop a note. If you live in Minneapolis and nearby, you can also visit our office at 1401 W. 94th St. Bloomington, MN 55431. We will be glad to serve and help you elevate the comfort in your homes. 

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