6 Toxic HVAC Smells and Their Impact On Health

bad smell coming out of heater

Have you ever come across a terrible smell coming from your AC unit? It is not a good sign when the AC starts emitting a bad odor. These smells are usually toxic and can harm your health.

In this case, your AC unit needs a little attention! Contact the best HVAC companies in Minneapolis to help you eliminate the toxic smell from your AC system.

Let’s Explore The Six Common Toxic HVAC Smells and Their Adversities To Your Health:

Gunpowder Smell

A gunpowder-like odor coming from the AC may suggest short-circuiting within the system. The burning of the wiring associated with the fan motor also releases a gunpowder-like fragrance. Don’t ignore this smell and call for a professional inspection at once!

Burning Smell

The unit will release a burning smell if there is an electrical issue within the AC. It may highlight friend compressor, circuit board, or fan motor issues. Such a mechanical problem is due to the erosion of metal and chemicals within the circuit board, fan motor, or compressor. Turn off the AC immediately and call for professional help from an authorized HVAC dealer.

Rotten Eggs

Ensure that there aren’t any rotten eggs in your home. If you still get the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs, it indicates a natural gas leak. Natural gas is odorless, but utility providers add the odor to warn you against this potential sign. Breathing such as gas can decrease blood oxygen levels leading to unconsciousness or even death. The gas is highly flammable. Thus, contact the HVAC dealer ASAP to avoid any disastrous event.

Chemical Aroma

Are you smelling paint thinner or formaldehyde from your AC? It is due to the fluids used in the system. The chemical aroma suggests system malfunction. Such a smell may trigger respiratory distress. Don’t hesitate to look out for expert help immediately.  

Exhaust Odor

If there is fluid leakage from the AC unit, it will generate exhaust fumes. The release of such fumes is highly toxic to health, such that it may cause breathing trouble, depleted blood oxygen levels, and several others.

Moldy Smell

Have you ever felt a musty smell from the air vent? An AC smells like mold if there is a hidden problem within the system. If the system cannot drain the moisture efficiently, it can escape into the duct, thereby building up molds.  It would be best if you were able to locate the exact place of mold buildup. Cleaning the molds will maintain system efficiency. If you still doubt this, call the nearest HVAC contractor to mitigate this issue.


To maintain your health, you need to understand the reason for your AC system’s malfunctioning. When you are aware of the bad odors, you can help the technician locate the exact issues with your system. 

If the AC releases a bad odor, ask the Amana dealer locator to guide you to reach your nearest dealers. To find the best HVAC company near you, visit our website and find the best HVAC companies in Minneapolis. Get rid of all toxic smells from your HVAC today!

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