Factors That Affect The Installation Cost of Furnaces


Heating contractors in Minneapolis suggest making an estimated budget before stepping out to buy a furnace system. It helps prevent spending money on things you do not want or require in your household. 

However, the actual cost of the furnace installation process consistently exceeds estimated budgets. Have you ever thought about what factors might cause furnace installation costs to increase significantly? 

Several Factors Play an Essential Role in Increasing The Installation Rates

  • AFUE Ratings 

AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings are essential in affecting the installation cost. AFUE ratings determine the annual energy consumption and efficiency of the air conditioner’s ability to warm the surroundings. In short, the more the AFUE ratings, the more optimized the furnace’s operation is to warm the area. 

However, furnace units with higher AFUE ratings are expensive. Nevertheless, you should choose a furnace unit with more than 90 AFUE ratings for efficient operation.

  • Size of the System

Size is another integral factor that one should consider before buying a furnace system. It is best to ask our heating contractor in Minneapolis to conduct a home estimate service to find the size of the furnace unit for the residence.  

An inappropriate size unit may unlock new problems that will affect your comfort in the future. The price of the furnace system rises as the size increases because it covers more area than the smaller ones.

  • Fuel Source

There are furnaces available that run on natural gas and oil. It will not significantly affect the installation cost, but the cost of maintenance and upkeep. Electric furnaces are more affordable than natural gas, but maintaining electric furnaces is more expensive compared to natural gas ones.  

  •  Ductwork and Installation

Our heating and cooling installation expert in Minneapolis might suggest inspecting and repairing the duct system before installing the furnace system. A duct system is pivotal in delivering warm air to your surroundings. Worn-down insulation or holes in the duct system can lead to energy loss.

  • Advanced Features

Who doesn’t want a furnace system with advanced features in this high-tech world? Advanced features like electronic air filters, variable speed motors, and air pressure switches come with high installation cost. High-tech accessories like programmable and smart thermostats might increase the cost of installation, but expenditure on high-tech facilities is beneficial in the long run.

  • Time of the Season  

Our heating and cooling experts in Minneapolis recommend buying a new furnace system in the early spring or summer. You might get the best deals or furnace systems at a nominal range in summer rather than winter. So, the preparation for the winter begins in the summer or fall. 

To Conclude

If you are purchasing a furnace system, you should hire our experienced heating contractor in Minneapolis to help you find one within your budget. Our professional HVAC technician will assist you in finding a furnace system within your budget that is perfect for your household. 

You can get a variety of air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnace systems at I Heart Amana. Visit our website today to call and book an appointment with our experts to find a perfect HVAC system for your home. You can also find your local dealer to obtain the best Amana products.

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