How Long Should Your Air Conditioner Run Each Day?

AC Each Day

Because AC units are frequently installed outside, AC compressors gather dirt and dust more quickly than indoor appliances. This implies that they also require more frequent cleaning and maintenance.. If your Amana air conditioning unit is on, and the compressor may not be operating, professional assistance can locate and address minor issues.

Running An Air Conditioner for 15-20 Minutes is Recommended

An Amana air conditioning unit should ideally run for 15-20 minutes at a time, in mild temperatures. Any less, and your air conditioner might be too big for your home. If your air conditioner runs nonstop, your electricity bill will undoubtedly suffer. 

It’s simple to avoid avoidable problems with your air conditioner with yearly maintenance and an appropriately sized air conditioner.

Why Does My Air Conditioner Run Nonstop?

The Outside Temperature

The longer your air conditioner reaches the desired temperature, the hotter it is. On sweltering days, your AC may run more frequently; ensure you’re comfortable inside by finding an HVAC expert using the iHeart Amana’s local dealer locator tool.

Thermostat Settings

In the summer, the less the thermostat setting, the longer the air conditioner will take to cool down. The time it takes to cool down your house can vary by just a few degrees.

Effectiveness Of Insulation

Lack of insulation causes a significant portion of the air you spend your hard-earned money cooling to leak outside. This means it takes quite longer to cool your house, and your air conditioner will run longer to compensate for the loss.

Obstructed Airflow

The air filter in your air conditioner may be clogged. The majority of air conditioners don’t get their filters cleaned. For air to circulate and cycle through the system, the filter must be kept clean for cooling efficiency.

Your Air Conditioner's Size

An oversized air conditioner will reduce your run time to under ten minutes. Short cycling affects your home’s humidity level as well. Your Amana air conditioning unit will have a shorter lifespan and will require an HVAC technician from Amana’s “Find Local Dealer” too,  if it is the wrong size.

Your AC's Condition

Your AC needs maintenance if it runs all day, especially on hot days. For this reason, we advise having your AC tuned up once a year to keep it in top condition.

House Size

Your air conditioner is not the correct size if it cycles on and off for less than ten minutes. Larger homes will take a little longer to cool, especially if the air conditioner is a smaller model. HVAC experts recommend the ideal size to provide an effective air conditioning system.

Leaking Air Conditioner

You most likely have a refrigerant leak if you notice ice building up, a puddle under your air conditioner, or if it is hissing or bubbling at you. Your home will take a lot longer to cool.


Use these quick tricks to keep your air conditioner running efficiently for longer. Avoid high electricity costs and rapid degradation by getting help from experts on Amana’s “Find local dealer” feature. 

You can find the best and most reliable technicians in your area simply by using this tool on iHeart Amana’s website. To find your local Amana dealer, click here.

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