What To Expect During Your Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

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One may think the need for air conditioning service is only when its efficiency begins to decrease. However, getting your AC tuned is a great way to prevent it from needing large repairs in the long run. Getting your AC tuned up every year, preferably before the summer, is the smart choice.

There might be several AC companies near you in Minneapolis and surrounding areas providing AC services, but choosing the right experts would ensure quality and efficiency. HVAC contractors in Minneapolis provide the best tune-up services for your air conditioners. They can let you know if your AC requires just a tune-up or is on the verge of a replacement. 

If you find your AC showing the following warning signs, you should Google ‘ AC companies near me’ and find a reputable company to help you solve the issues.

Signs That Show Your AC Requires A Tune-Up:

  • High electricity bills
  • Strange sounds
  • Insufficient cooling
  • Bad odor
  • Weak airflow
  • Water leakage

Expectations During Air Conditioning Tune-Up:

Clearing The Indoors and Outdoors:

Cleaning the AC would benefit the technicians/contractors and ease the work of inspecting and tuning up without much delay. Any area, be it indoor or outdoor, that you would not want to be disturbed by them should be informed well in advance for a better understanding.

Checks and Maintenance:

Before tuning the air conditioner, the contractors perform several operational checks to assess its present condition. The user should report any preventative concerns related to its operations before its inspection so that the technicians can rectify the same on priority.

Time Duration:

The inspection time would range from 45 minutes to one hour. In some circumstances, the time can exceed an hour, which is true in the case of an AC not being tuned or serviced for several months or years.

21- Point Tune-Up and Safety Test:

The technicians ensure the overall operating efficiency of the air conditioners by performing a 21-point safety test and tune-up. 

Inspections are performed on the voltages, test blower motor, condenser fan blades, capacitors, thermostats, indoor and outdoor wiring connections, condenser coil lines, etc. The motor and compressor of the condenser fans are monitored along with the blower assembly. Air leaks and voltage disconnections are also checked to ensure their safety.

Post Air Conditioning Tune-Up:

The technicians record the post-completion performance of the air conditioner after the tune-up is completed. In the event of any queries regarding the tune-up or its working, it can be discussed with the team.

After the complete analysis of its work, if any concerns or major repairs were not evident before but required a major service, the technicians would recommend the same to the user.


Now that you know what can be expected during an air conditioning tune-up,  schedule your service by reaching out to us only at our website. ‘I heart Amana’ should be your top choice while looking for AC installation near me.

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