Why Does Your Furnace Keep On Shutting Off?

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A reliable heating system is essential for maintaining a comfortable home during cold weather. A furnace is a common choice for providing heat in many homes. To ensure that your furnace is working properly and able to keep you warm during the colder months, it is a good idea to have professionals such as Amana heating and air conditioning technicians inspect and service your system before the winter season begins. 

Servicing can prevent issues like your furnace shutting off on its own, which can be frustrating and inconvenient. By taking care of any necessary maintenance or repairs before the winter arrives, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home will be warm and comfortable when the weather turns cold.

Top Reasons Why Your Furnace Keeps Shutting Off

  • The Air Filters Are Filled With Dirt, Dust, and Particulate Matters

We all know that filters are one of the busiest parts of a heating system since the filters work consistently to remove contaminants from the air. Due to constant operation in an enclosed space, the filters become dirty. If you are not mindful of this part of the heating system, the filters will prevent the free flow of air, and in turn, the furnace will stop working gradually.

  • The Vents are Shut

Air circulation matters for a furnace to work efficiently. While it is understandable to have closed doors and windows during winter, ensure enough vents are open to let the maximum amount of air get back to the heat exchanger. If those vents remain closed, regular operation of the furnace will keep failing. A professional HVAC contractor in Minneapolis will tell you the same.

  • The Flame Sensor is Dirt-Covered

If you have been using a heating system like a furnace for a long time, you would know how essential a flame sensor is. A flame sensor is supposed to keep you safe and warm simultaneously. When a flame sensor remains covered in dirt or soot, it can’t detect the flame even though the furnace is on and turns off the gas valve. Without gas, heat will not be produced.

  • The Thermostat Has Malfunctioned.

The thermostat is responsible for distributing equal temperature in every corner of your home. When the setting on the thermostat is not set properly, or the system is not installed following the room, you will not get your desired temperature in your home. If you are not a trained technician, it’s recommended to call Amana’s expert heating and air conditioning service provider to address your issue.

  • The Furnace is Not a Perfect Fit for Your Home

In many cases, the furnace system is not perfect for the entire house. A bigger house doesn’t always require a large furnace. The size and type of furnace depend on the design and structure of the building and weather conditions, and other significant factors. When you ignore this, your furnace is bound to falter in its operation and shut itself off.

To Sum Up

You will find various options for professional HVAC contractors in Minneapolis. When your furnace keeps turning off, again and again, I Heart Amana is your best option, as we provide quality and timely service.

We are a professional service contractor with years of experience in the HVAC field. If you are looking for flawless service, do not hesitate and contact us today by visiting our website.

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