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Knowledge is power. Purchasing a new heating and cooling system may only happen once or twice in your lifetime. Choosing the right furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner is important because the decision you make today will impact your home comfort tomorrow. Following are some of our most frequently asked questions.

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Should You Repair or Replace the Existing HVAC System?

Assessing Your Options

Most likely, if you are reading this page, the central heating and cooling system in your home is not functioning properly. With the help and support of your local Amana® brand dealer, you are preparing to make the decision whether it’s best to repair or replace the old heating and/or cooling system. As you prepare to make this decision be certain to consider these options:

  • Energy-efficient performance of a new unit can lower utility bills
  • Enhanced indoor comfort levels of a new system with ComfortNetTM Controls
  • Consistent indoor comfort with a new variable speed system
  • Initial costs associated with repairing your current system
  • Cost of purchasing a new heating and cooling system

Often, a decision is made to repair an older, less efficient unit instead of replacing it with a newer, energy-efficient unit due to the high cost of a new system. Financing can be an effective tool to fit a new system into your budget, while unlocking savings through reduced energy usage when compared to older, less-efficient units. Moreover, financing can potentially cover the cost of an AsureSM extended service plan to minimize any out of pocket expenses you face for the term of the extended service plan. Ask your dealer on whether consumer financing makes sense for your family.

How do I hire a heating and cooling contractor?

This is hands down the most important step of the process. Not all contractors are good contractors. Not all contractors have the same amount of training, certification or experience. A lot can go wrong in the hands of an inexperienced contractor so you want to ensure you are working with a credible and caring contractor. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Makes sure your HVAC contractor is licensed and bonded.
  • Make sure your contractor is factory trained for the brand they support
  • A good contractor will ask many questions about your home and its inhabitants, how many people live here? Does anyone have allergies? Does it have hot or cold spots? They will strive to get a good understanding of your home before making any recommendations.
  • A good contractor will make sure to ‘properly size’ your equipment. Remember Bigger is not better, an oversized furnace or heat pump will cost more to operate and actually compromise your home comfort.
  • Do they offer financing options? Many contractors can recommend financing options for your new furnace or heat pump.
  • A good contractor won’t mind at all if you ask for references.
Which brand should I choose?

The best brand is often the one that achieves good consumer ratings across all climates, locations and house types. Amana® brand has pleased its customers so consistently in part because they are willing to offer the industry’s most generous warranty*, guaranteeing* the quality of your equipment. Combine that with their commitment to American-Made products and you can trust that they will provide the best furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners on the market.

How do I know which model to choose?

Let your contractor help with that. They’ll make sure to find out about your unique home and lifestyle and match the right system to your needs. In Minnesota, many home owners are concerned with dryness in their home or perhaps someone has allergies, this is important to note as your heating and cooling system can help improve home comfort.

What is ENERGY STAR®? And is it important?

ENERGY STAR® is a program managed by the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy that helps businesses and individuals save money, rating products based on energy efficiency. If an appliance has an ENERGY STAR® rating, it will save energy, lower your bills and preserve the environment. Many Amana® brand gas furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners carry the ENERGY STAR® rating which means they have super high efficiencies. Some may even qualify for rebates and incentives.

How long does a furnace or heat pump last?

This is a good question and one that can be tricky to answer. The life of a furnace, heat pump or AC unit is affected by how well it has been taken care of and how often their air filters are changed. Obviously, if you’ve been consistent with yearly maintenance and have been diligent in changing air filers you can expect a longer life. On average a heat pump life expectancy is about 15 years while a furnace may be 18 to 20 years.

Should I repair or replace my furnace?

As a guideline if your furnace or heat pump is more than 12 years old it’s a candidate for replacement. Much will depend on the history of the unit and how well it’s been cared for. If you inherited your system when you bought your home you’ll want to make sure to get a thorough inspection of the unit, not just to see that it’s operating correctly but to also make sure it’s a good fit for the inhabitants in your home and your lifestyle. Heating and cooling equipment has improved greatly over the years so it’s worth a look to see how you can save money, save energy and increase your home comfort with a new heating and cooling system.

Are there financing options available?

Yes! And it is actually the norm for most new furnace and heat pump owners to finance their equipment. Check with your preferred contractor to discuss further. Financing offers lower interest rates and most people are able to qualify.

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